Software Engineer
Oculus VR


As of September 2017, I now work for Oculus VR.

I was a PhD candidate investigating the construction of large-scale 3D Morphable Models under Stefanos Zafeiriou in the iBUG group at Imperial College London. You can find out more about my PhD research here.

As part of my PhD I wrote a fair about of Python code. I co-founded The Menpo Project with my good friends Patrick Snape, Joan Alabort-i-Medina, and Nontas Antonakos. Menpo is an open source, cross-platform library for training and fitting 2D and 3D deformable models.

I also wrote a fair amount of Javascript. I developed as part of my PhD, a WebGL-powered 2D and 3D annotation tool.

You can find out more details about all the projects I have been involved with on my portfolio page, or see my LinkedIn profile for a detailed professional background.